Trekking off the beaten tracks in Kyrgyzstan

My friend Aigul is a guide and horseback riding enthusiast. The travellers she meets and the readers of the blog with whom I exchange, are asking more often for treks off the beaten tracks.

Aigul knows her country perfectly, she regularly participates and guides all the treks she proposes.
If you are looking for a different experience, outside of the usual tours, this is the contact you need.

Below you will find the different treks she offers. I have indicated the prices of the equestrian treks but they can also be done by foot, just mention it to Aigul.

Major advantage: these treks are for everyone. Whether you are a beginner who wants to do a 3 day trek or an adventurer ready to roam the Kyrgyz mountains for 10 days.

As these treks are less popular, the guides do not have riding helmets, unlike those I recommend in Song Kul. Remember to take your own safety equipment.
The cost of the trek is dependent on whether it is a single ride or a loop. If it is a single ride, the return of the guides and the horses contribute in the price increase.

In order for Aigul to organise these treks, you just need to contact her by email at 

3-day horseback ride in Naryn 

This much less spectacular trek than Song Kul, will allow you to stay in yurt camps and discover the nomadic life.

What is the itinirary?

Day 1: Eki Naryn Jailoo - Jakbolot Jailoo / lunch / dinner and overnight in a yurt  

Day 2: Jakbolot Jailoo - Jakbolot pass (4000m) - lunch / dinner night in a yurt 

Day 3: Jakbolot pass - Oruk tam village - Eki Naryn Jailoo. Lunch. Departure 

What is the price for these 3 days?

(1€ = 100 soms)

1 person = 11700 Soms
2 persons = 18600 Soms
3 persons = 25500 Soms
4 persons = 36600. Soms
5 people = 43500 Soms
6 people = 50400. Soms

The price includes a guide (a second guide for 4 or more people), horse rental, meals and 2 nights in a yurt.

Transfer is not included. You can take a bus from Bishkek Western Bus Station to Naryn, then a shared taxi from Naryn to Eki Naryn.

3-day horse trek from Talas to Toktogul

This trek starts in the region of Talas, which is definitely the least known to tourism and the most authentic area of the country. Starting the trek in Best Tash National Park you can see flocks of vultures and then go through the forest to meet the wild animals.

What is the itinirary?

Day 1: Transfer from Talas to Besh Tash National Park and horseback riding to Besh Karakchy. Camping in a yurt 

Day 2: Besh Karakchy - Terek Jailoo. Camping in tents. 

Day 3: Terek Jailoo - Kara Kungei village. Transfer to Toktogul. The tour ends around 4 pm. Dinner and overnight at your leisure. 

Riding every day between 4-6 hours. 

What is the price of this tour?

(1€ = 100 soms)

For 1 person: 29990 soms
For 2 persons: 51580 soms
For 3 persons: 61900 soms
For 4 persons: 70380 soms

The price includes a riding guide, horse rental, meals during the ride, tent and mattress rental.

The transfer to Talas is not included.

3-day horse trek from Chon Kemin to Issyk Kul.

This tour starts in Chon Kemin and ends in Issyk Kul, allowing you to see two different regions of the country.
At the end of the tour, you will ride in an old Lada Niva to the village of Tour aigyr, on the northern shore of Lake Issyk Kul.

What is the itinirary of this hike?

Day 1: You arrive at a mountain guesthouse in the forest in the Chon Kemin National Park; enjoy a home-made lunch of only local and natural products. Then you start riding in the Jalgyz Karagai gorge for 5-6 hours / hiking for 6-7 hours. Picnic / dinner / camping in tents.

Day 2: You start from the Jalgyz Karagai Gorge, passing through the passes to the Kol Kogur Gorge. You enjoy the view of a dense pine forest. Horse riding for 3 hours / hiking for 4-5 hours. Picnic / dinner / camping in tents. 

Day 3: You leave the Kol Kogur Gorge and go to the Kyzyl Aska Valley. Riding for 4 hours / hiking for 5-6 hours. Picnic lunch. Ride down to the village of Toru Aigyr, famous for its legend of the horse that swam from the south bank of Issyk Kul to its north bank to find its owner. 

What is the price of this tour?

(1€ = 100 soms)

1 person: 26580 soms
2 persons: 44505 soms
3 persons: 49380 soms
4 persons: 57880 soms

The price includes: a guide, horse rental, meals, transfer to the village of Toru Aigyr after the tour. 

The cost does not include: rental of camping equipment, transfer to Chon Kemin. 

Transfer from Bishkek to Chon Kemin costs 3000 som (4-seater car).

7 days horse riding / trekking from talas to Sary Chelek 

7-day ride from Talas to Sary Chelek

This is the most adventurous of all the horse rides presented here. It offers incredible scenery but requires a good level of horsemanship.

What is the itinerary of this trek?

Day 1: Madaniyat village - Bazarbek - Chiim Tash river. Picnic / dinner / camping in tents.

Day 2: Chiim Tash River - Lake Chiim Tash. Picnic / dinner / Camping in tents 

Day 3: Chiim Tash Pass (3601 m) - Jeti Sart Picnic / dinner / camping in tents

Day 4: Jeti Sart Pass (3161m) - Chat Karagai - Uzun Akmat. Picnic / Dinner / Camping in tents 

Day 5: Korumdu Pass (3334 m) - Kara Kamysh Lake. Picnic / dinner / overnight in a yurt 

Day 6: Kotormo Pass (2446 m) - Lake Iiri Kol. Picnic / dinner / camping in tents

Day 7: Sary Chelek Lake. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse. 

5 to 6 hours of riding per day.

One hot meal a day for dinner; breakfast and lunch are snacks such as sandwiches, dried fruit, tea, etc.

How much does this ride cost?

2 persons: 110990 soms
3 persons:140280 soms
4 persons: 170880 soms
5 persons: 206360 soms
6 persons: 244320 soms

What is included: 1 guide, 1 assistant cook, horse rental, meals, park entrance fee, tent setup fee, dinner and overnight stay in a guesthouse, 1 night in a yurt
transfer to and from the site is not included; camping equipment rental is not included (700 som per day).

10-day ride from Shamshy to Song Kol

This trek from Shamshy to Song Kul is for good riders with an adventurous spirit. It starts in a less touristic part of the country, with nights in bivouacs. The trek ends with 4 nights in yurts, meeting nomadic families.

What is the itinirary?

Day 1: Shamshy valley - Shamshy gorge. Overnight in tents

Day 2: Shamshy Gorge - Shamshy Pass. Overnight in tents

Day 3: Shamshy Valley Shamshy Gorge - Saralasaz Pasture Overnight in tents

Day 4: Saralasaz pasture - Karakol Valley. Overnight in tents

Day 5: Buchuk Pass (3400 m). Overnight in tents

Day 6: Sandyk Pass. Overnight in a yurt

Day 7: Zhumgal Valley - Kilemche Pass. Overnight in a yurt

Day 8: Kilemche Valley - Songkol Lake (3000 m). Overnight in a yurt

Day 9: Songkol Lake. Overnight in a yurt

Day 10: Songkol Lake - Tulpar Tash - Kyzart Village. Departure after lunch. 

Riding every day between 4-6 hours. Snacks for lunch and a hot meal for dinner.

What is the price of this trek?

2 persons: 188000 som
3 persons: 214000 soms
4 persons: 282000 soms
5 persons: 324000 soms
6 persons: 370600 soms

The cost includes a guide, a horse guide, horse rental, food during the trek, camping equipment, transfer of horses to the start of the trek, transfer of passengers from Bishkek to the start of the trek. 

The price does not include: transfer at the end of the trek from Kyzart. 

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